Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Social Media Management {Tips}

After two much needed summer vacations we are now back and eager to help clients with their Social Media needs as we move into Fall.
Today we will be sharing some helpful suggestions for managing your existing Social Media networks and sites. 

Here are a few TIPS we have found helpful for clients-

*Set aside a certain amount of time each day/week for Social Media, we suggest 15-30 minutes either at the end or start of your day! 

* Use FREE Social Media Management sites such as www.HootSuite.com or www.TweetDeck.com, both are very helpful in managing ALL of your Social Media at once(and they offer scheduling for your posts, genius!). 

*Ask for suggestions or insight from your fans and clients! Posting a survey on Social Media sites or just a mere tweet or status update can cause quite a buzz!

*Don't become overwhelmed, Social Media is a great way to grow your client base and enhance your business online, so use it to your advantage, but don't feel pressured into always posting, etc!

*Seek help if needed, don't know where to start on Facebook, Twitter or how to start a blog? Other business professionals are great resources and of course Social Media Training businesses like ourselves that offer one-on-one sessions for a low cost!

*Make it FUN, we say this a lot but it really is true. If you aren't having fun with Social Media, what is the point? It can only HELP your business so WHY NOT? :-)

Hope you enjoyed our Social Media Management tips and be sure to check our our website for new specials we're offering and our services!