Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting "Social" in February and Setting Goals!

Now that we're already starting February, it's time to get "social" with your business and start accomplishing the goals you set in January!
Start off with gathering your list of goals (if you haven't made one yet, no worries create one now-it's not too late) for 2013.
Now read each goal and think "how am I going to accomplish these goals?"
You need a game plan, as with anything.
Start out small and work your way up to the largest goal, or go in the opposite pattern up to you.
I like to write a list of GOALS rather then resolutions each January because then they seem more "approachable" and "do-able" to me!
More of a "to do" list but with a positive spin on it.
A few of my business goals this year are the following~
*Keep learning more about the ever-changing world of social media, so I can keep my clients up to date.
*Gain at least 5+ new clients each month.
*Complete at least one group seminar (if not more) every month and follow up with each person individually that attends...which I've done in the past but could do a better job at this year.
*Continue to grow my brand by also increasing my fans on ALL social media sites.
*Create a monthly e-newsletter and keep up with it (and make it interesting to my clients and business contacts).
Those are just a few of mine, how about yours?
Is social media on your list?
If so contact us at www.LNTSocialMediaTraining to see how we can help YOU achieve your goals for 2013!
Stay Social,