Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Media~Overwhelmed?


Today I thought I would write about my recent findings when having meetings with current/potential clients about their social media needs. The one comment that kept coming up in my meetings was "I just don't know where to's so overwhelming". My response to this comment was always "Begin slowly, gain knowledge about how social media works and start/manage at your own pace".

I think this is true for business owners that might not be too familiar with social media or how it works in today's business world. Everyone had to start somewhere, no one started out on Facebook or Twitter knowing exactly how to use it or how to gain "likes" or new clients overnight. This has been my advice to my current clients and even potential clients who might be feeling overwhelmed with starting social media for their businesses.

My advice to them(and you readers) is start with one social media site and grow with what you learn. I recommend starting with a Facebook fan page to my clients. It's a great way to reach a LOT of new customers and gain exposure for your business in so many ways you didn't know were possible. I have helped a few clients over the past week set up their Facebook fan pages and some already have close to 20 "likes" which I think is fantastic! The pure joy I see from my client even getting a simple comment saying how "interesting" they think the business is or that they want more information on their products and services makes me feel very happy and glad I chose this business as a career path.

LNT Social Media Training CAN help you start your Social Media Marketing at a pace that's good for you. Our website will be going live next week and can't wait to share that with everyone and announce our fantastic and affordable April special.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, March 23, 2012

LinkedIn Connections

Hope everyone had a great week!

Today I will be discussing LinkedIn and how it can help you as a business professional. LinkedIn is often described as the "World's Largest Social Network" and you don't want to miss out on this free social media tool.

Are you currently on LinkedIn? I am and let me tell you all of the great connections I've made in the business community have really helped my business and personal career growth!
LinkedIn is a tool that many individuals use to not only "connect" with other business professionals, but to post a resume, recommendations from connections, post events, promote businesses and get the inside scoop to what is going on in the business community through the discussion forums.

You can make a LinkedIn group page to promote your business in just a few easy steps. Then by posting events, updates and adding members you can have another form of social media to attract potential clients and keep your current clients interested.

I have learned that LinkedIn can be such a valuable tool in today's society just because of the connections alone you can make. Many CEO's and very important business professionals have LinkedIn and you can use your business "group" page to get their attention.

If you need help creating or learning how to use your current LinkedIn account please contact LNT Social Media Training, WE can help you with all the tools you need to become a "LinkedIn" expert!

Stay tuned for our official website coming soon with our specials and introductory rates!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Why do you need "fans"?


Today I will be writing about Facebook & WHY it is so important to have a fans "like" your "fan page".

Think of your fan page as the first bit of information potential clients or existing clients will see about your business. You want the page to have a positive impact on viewers and keeping it informative and designed with your "brand" in mind is key.

What is this "brand" you might ask? Your "brand" is what you want your customers to associate your business with. Think of major brands like GAP, Walmart or Target, they all have their main logo/branding that you think of when the company name come to mind right? That is what YOU want your customers to think of when they look at your social media outlets.
If you need help creating a Facebook "fan" page for your small business or company, we can help!

Check out the LNT Social Media Training Facebook "fan" page here and see what all the hype is out(and while you are there go ahead and "like" us too!) :-)


Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Tweet?


Today I will be writing about Twitter and WHY you should "tweet". Twitter can be overwhelming to some business owners and I'm here to tell you it's OK! Once you sit down and sign up for your Twitter account, that is the first step. Learning how to tweet and "following" businesses and indivuduals is the next step. The good thing about tweeting is that you only have to use small phrases and sentences. BUT the great thing is that you don't get too "wordy" and your customers(and potential customers) can get the information they need quick and to the point.

For instance you can tweet "Today only, 10 percent off for new customers" or "Try out our brand new *insert product* this week only!" or something like "Check out our website *insert here* for the deal of the day!". All of these are short and to the point, and enough to keep your "followers" interested.

If you need help setting up a Twitter account and learnnig how to "tweet" for your business, LNT Social Media Training is here to help!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Social Media & WHY it's important...

Social Media is becoming such an important tool for businesses to use in today's society. A business can use social media to not only gain new clients, but to maintain and interact with their current client base. Using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and LinkedIn can take a business to the next level. It is so important to learn how to use these FREE tools available to you and that will give you just as much as a presence as some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. My goal with LNT Social Media is to train individuals to manage their business social media outlets to help gain you that exposure that is necessary through technology today.
Social media is something that should not be seen as something used only by "technology" savy individuals but as a tool that anyone can use or can learn to use. We are here to help you learn these free social media sites to help your business be the best possible. By offering one-on-one training and also complete set-up for these social media sites, LNT Social Media will help you as much or as little needed so that you feel comfortable with social media and how it is changing the business world.