Friday, May 25, 2012

Social Media {Blogging}

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Hope everyone is gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend :-)

Today, we'll be talking about how to use Blogging to grow your business through Social Media.
I have found Blogging to be a very valuable(and free!) tool that can be setup through sites like or to use yet another source of Social Media to connect with your customers(and future customers).

Some business owners ask us "What do I blog about"? That is the best part about blogging.
You can blog(or write) about anything you desire!
I like to blog about Social media since that is what my company is about but blogging is a way to communicate through articles and little "blurbs" if you will about topics related to your business.
Different ideas to share on your blog are interesting facts or specials your company is having, articles related to your business industry, news and events or even just insights to what your business offers to clients.
I have found blogging a great way to meet more individuals or companies that "follow" along with blog posts and can be potential clients(or just interested readers). Others can share your blog posts which will give your business even more exposure.

If you need help setting up a blog for your company contact LNT today at to see how we can help :-)

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