Friday, June 1, 2012

Branding & Social Media

Today we'll be discussing "branding" and how you can help achieve a strong brand status among your Social Media sites.

You can use Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all to build your brand.
What is your "brand" you might ask? Your brand is what consumers think of your business(or you!).
Think of McDonald's, we picture the yellow arches, insurance companies often have catchy tag lines that always remind you of them and cities often have interesting slogans to make an impact on you either the visitor or resident. We recently attended an awesome seminar on "Branding" and came away with so many amazing insights on what truly a "brand" is.

You want people to remember YOUR brand.
You can do this by doing a few things through your Social Media sites to achieve the branding desired.

Here are a couple tips I have learned over the past few months:
  • Make sure your logo, company colors, etc all match. This is the first thing a consumer sees representing your company(and yourself so wear your colors!!) so make it bold and make it something they will grow familiar with when they think of your business. Think of yourself as the brand and the main thing you are "selling" to others.
  • Use Social Media to interact with your customers/future customers. If you have a  "mission statement" or any other tag line use it throughout your different sites to grow your branding and image.
  • ALWAYS be a good representative of your brand, whether you work for a company or own your own business, whenever at a business function be professional and through Social Media outlets such as blogging and Facebook/Twitter. Create a separate business account for more professional related contacts and a personal account for home life. This is just our suggestions that have worked for clients.
  • Remember: You want to be positive, trustworthy and someone YOU would want to do business with. If you don't believe in yourself why would someone else??
Hope you learned a little about branding today and contact LNT at if you need help setting up your Social Media sites to take your "branding" to the next level!



  1. Yeah, that's right. Establishing a logo for your business is a good way to attract new customers. People love to try new and fresh products, and making your own personalized logo unique will help you do that for you. Along with the attractive logo, your products should also have the quality to meet the expectations of the customers.

    Darryl Prinz

  2. Thank you for your comment Darryl :-)I agree, products are very important as well.


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