Friday, March 16, 2012

Why do you need "fans"?


Today I will be writing about Facebook & WHY it is so important to have a fans "like" your "fan page".

Think of your fan page as the first bit of information potential clients or existing clients will see about your business. You want the page to have a positive impact on viewers and keeping it informative and designed with your "brand" in mind is key.

What is this "brand" you might ask? Your "brand" is what you want your customers to associate your business with. Think of major brands like GAP, Walmart or Target, they all have their main logo/branding that you think of when the company name come to mind right? That is what YOU want your customers to think of when they look at your social media outlets.
If you need help creating a Facebook "fan" page for your small business or company, we can help!

Check out the LNT Social Media Training Facebook "fan" page here and see what all the hype is out(and while you are there go ahead and "like" us too!) :-)


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