Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Tweet?


Today I will be writing about Twitter and WHY you should "tweet". Twitter can be overwhelming to some business owners and I'm here to tell you it's OK! Once you sit down and sign up for your Twitter account, that is the first step. Learning how to tweet and "following" businesses and indivuduals is the next step. The good thing about tweeting is that you only have to use small phrases and sentences. BUT the great thing is that you don't get too "wordy" and your customers(and potential customers) can get the information they need quick and to the point.

For instance you can tweet "Today only, 10 percent off for new customers" or "Try out our brand new *insert product* this week only!" or something like "Check out our website *insert here* for the deal of the day!". All of these are short and to the point, and enough to keep your "followers" interested.

If you need help setting up a Twitter account and learnnig how to "tweet" for your business, LNT Social Media Training is here to help!


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