Friday, April 6, 2012

Social Media Marketing and HOW to do it..

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Today I will be writing about Social Media Marketing and provide a few tips of how to make the most of your social media sites. It is not only important in today's business world to HAVE social media for your business, but to be ACTIVE on these sites once they are set up. 

Your social media sites will be of no benefit to your company if you don't post on it at least a few times a week and keep up with it. I suggest to my clients to start off by posting two to three times a week on ALL their social media sites(yes blogs too!). I know this might seem like a lot for someone that isn't used to being online as much, but trust me it will not only help your business but help you gain more social media skills to further your growth in today's technology. 

Another suggestion I give my clients is to post VALUE over quantity. For instance, don't post continuously about your website or what your services are. Change it up a bit and feature a monthly special or have a "fan" contest on Facebook. It'll keep your customers interested and draw NEW customers into your fan base. Social Media Marketing is different for each company, but consistency always wins. Reach out to your customers and make sure they KNOW you not only care that they choose to do business with you, but that you also appreciate them. 

That's my social media advice for the day, keep on being "social". 

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