Friday, April 20, 2012

Twitter..does it really work?

Hi followers!

Today I will be writing about Twitter and how you can use it for your business growth. If you already have a Twitter account how often do you "tweet"? I think if you start off by posting tweets about three times a day you are on your way to growing your contacts within twitter and making NEW contacts.

By tweeting your business specials, information, insights or just responding to your "followers" comments in general you will start to build up your Social Media presence and attract others to your tweets. Being interesting while tweeting is always in your advantage. No one wants to read the same tweets over and over or tweets just about what you offer ALL the time.

Make your tweets interesting! Post about WHY you started your business or maybe highlight a client of the week or special interest. By keeping others interested in your "tweeting" you will not only gain more clients or contacts but keep yourself involved in the Social Media outlet of Twitter.

I hope these tips helped today and if your company needs help with setting up a Twitter account or wants to learn how to tweet we can help!


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