Friday, April 13, 2012

Social Media Tips for Facebook

Hi friends!
Today I will be sharing some tips for using Facebook Fan pages to the advantage of your business Social Media Marketing.

When I log into Facebook, I first notice status updates. I am more likely to look at a status update with something interesting like a special or promotion with a picture, then JUST text. I try to tell my clients to put interesting images or even their logo or something seasonal in the tag line of their status update. Put something interesting that YOU think would catch others attention. Using caps or interesting/exciting wording can really make a difference.

I often tell business owners that having a Facebook fan page isn't enough, you have to be active with posting. This will let your customers and future clients know that you are available and interested in communicating with them. There is such a thing as also posting TOO much.

These are a few tips that I hope you find helpful with your Social Media Marketing.

Not sure where to start with a Facebook fan page or what to post?

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